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Guru Nanak Darbar Crawley website gone global today

Today marks the day that this new GNDC website is launched. The old one is no longer operational.
New features incorporated are online donation & live event calendar. On the website you can directly raise funds for the Gurdwara by clicking on the “Fundraise for us” link, & sponsoring an event of your choice. Just follow the instructions.

Recent management meeting with our builder earmarked the next phase of groundwork, which will start in end Feb 2017 & will be completed by end of March 2017. The complex base work would be completed, After this the steel super structure will be started.

All this work requires considerable funding. We are forever making funding appeals from individuals, families, friends, business community in the UK & abroad. In fact our own committee members have made substantial financial contributions towards the Gurdwara project.

Good news is that all the base work has been completed. Shortly the next phase of steel super structure will commence (click on construction updates & donation criteria” tab) on the website front page. Powerful Facebook presence of the Gurdwara & construction details with “donate” link will shortly follow, with constant updates.

We will be for ever grateful for any financial/sponsorship contributions from any of the visitors to this web site. Together let us finish this much needed prestigious Gurdwara project & preserve the future of our generations to come.