Fund Raising

Funding Background

The total project cost is 1.9 Million pounds. To date we have already spent well over £600,000 covering purchase of land from the council, initial architectural plans, planning consent, various studies relating to the project & part payments to our builders for initial moblisation. From now on we will need to collect funding for each construction phase. To date, while fund raising, we had reached saturation point, where by it was increasingly difficult to collect funds. The sangat, community members, businesses etc wanted to see construction proper started before committing further money. At least now we will be in a position to fulfill this important aspect of our project. We have started on fund planning phase (at construction start point) which will entail event holding, functions (religious & social), direct funding appeals (Nationally & Internationally), individual commitments (standing orders, personal donations, sponsorships), direct Gurdwara appeals, patron ships etc.



Our remaining target as of now is to attract £1.75 Million to complete the construction. We need to break it down to  raise funds for each phase of construction. For instance phase 1 (piling & perimeter fencing) will cost in the region of £90,000. Leading to ground work, which will cost in the region of £150,000. Phase 3 (block work etc.) will be in the region of further £150,000, followed by roof cover (making the building water tight) & external wall finishes. The added phases of sewage, internal finishing work etc will be properly costed at the appropriate time & funds for these will follow accordingly. Breaking the project build like this in phases sets a realistic & immediate goals for funding requirements, fund raising, leading to our ultimate completion goal of around £1.75 Million. With Waheguru ji’s grace we will achieve this final target,


As stated earlier so far we have spent over £600,000 towards the project, including paying the builders £275,000 towards mobilisations 1 & 2. At the time of writing this post, GNDC holds around £90,000 in its bank accounts. Part of this will go towards phase 1 construction. As mentioned earlier, we have devoted our efforts in sorting planning & constructional issues, which now have been resolved. This for us was a major hurdle to cross. From now on, from construction restart point, our cohesive efforts (especially towards raising funds) will be renewed further. To date all the funding  has come from the continuous generosity of our sangat, GNDC committee members, Sikh families, from functions/events, sponsor-ships, patron ships, businesses etc.  May Waheguru Ji grant each of us mental strength & perseverance to complete our Gurdwara project.