Our Challenges

At project start

Since the first planning application approval, we have had many difficult project issues because of political change within Crawley Council, causing delays in that we had to have renewed extension to our original planning consent. This was not easy as we had to go through tedious & long winded planning procedure. This for all of us was very time consuming & frustrating.

Recently & Future

Added to this we had to resolve safety issues concerning the Gudwara building, in that we had to get further council approval based on modified architectural plans. All these requirements caused further delays.

Finally all the approvals are in place, construction proper has started. As mentioned earlier, due to the difficult & uneven site terrain the construction will be done in phases, each phase requiring funding to be in place. We are hopeful that phase 1 (perimeter fencing, piling & ground work) will be completed shortly, leading to phase 2 (block work etc.), we shall be in a better position to start to attract much needed funding from construction phase 1 on wards. This will be our biggest challenge. Fund raising, working in partnership with our community, donors & sponsors will be extremely important.