Guru Nanak Darbar Crawley

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Guru Nanak Darbar Crawley

The aim of this showpiece & unique Gurdwara Project is to serve the needs of the community through Sikh religious preachings, celebration of Sikh festivals, cultural education, communication and welfare programmes in partnerships, promoting tolerance and harmony in our multi-cultural society. To leave behind a stable, strong and far reaching religious base, securing the future of our generations to come

Guru Nanak Darbar Crawley


Embark on a journey of spiritual enlightenment with our upcoming Diwans. These sacred gatherings provide a serene space for prayer, contemplation, and community connection.

Join us in the divine ambiance as we engage in devotional hymns, meditation, and discussions on Sikh teachings. These Diwans serve as moments of reflection and unity, welcoming individuals of all backgrounds to share in the spiritual tapestry of our community.

Whether you are a regular attendee or new to our temple, the Diwans offer an opportunity to deepen your connection with the divine and connect with like-minded souls.

We look forward to your presence at these sacred gatherings, where the light of wisdom and unity shines bright.

Jan 2024 diwan

Upcoming Diwan