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About Guru Nanak Darbar Crawley

We are a registered charity whose purpose is:

  • To advance the needs of the Sikh Community in Crawley.
  • To promote Sikh Culture, religious teachings and values which will form a firm foundation for today & tomorrow’s young Sikhs, thereby securing their future for generations to come.
  • To hold congregations to celebrate the Sikh faith and assist our younger generation to learn about Sikh faith, values and culture.
  • To provide facilities for the elderly and the young in the community.
  • To get to know our neighbours better, share common values of peace & tolerance, appreciation of different faiths & cultures.
  • To promote good citizenship in a multiracial society and co-operate with other organisations established for the attainment of this objective.
  • To network with other Ethnic and mainstream voluntary organisations in the South East Region.
  • Our association is run by a Management Committee who are elected annually by the members of the charity.

Are to build a multi-purpose Gurdwara & incorporating all the Community needs. We do not have any permanent place of our own to function as a community. e.g. Various activities including monthly Diwans are held at St. Leonards Church Hall in Langley Green, Crawley. Festivals are held at the Civic Hall or Maidenbower Community Centre in Crawley. Therefore the needs of our growing community for a permanent place of their own are far from being met. There is an urgent need to serve the Sikh Community in Crawley & surrounding areas. There are around 1400 Sikh Families living in and around Crawley, Surrey, Mid-Sussex areas. The Gurdwara will also encompass strong sense of family values, joint family and community spirit & citizenship.

Under an Equal Opportunity Policy, aiming to provide facilities for all members of the community, such as:- Cultural and Religious Activities. Celebration of all Sikh festivals (These two will be the central role of the Gurdwara). The community & cultural centre part will provide: Community/Day care centre for elderly. Childcare (Creche) Accessibility to local residents. & many youth geared facilities. Educational Activities. Mother and Toddlers club. Language & cultural classes. Health & Welfare classes. Religious Vocal & Music classes. Library & IT facilities.

Crawley Borough Council having recognised the growing needs of our community agreed to sell prime land at Overdene Drive, Ifield, in Crawley for our project. Planning permission was granted in May 2008 for a place of worship & multipurpose community centre. This unique site comprises 1.8 acres of land lying between the A23 to the East, the Mid Sussex railway to the South, Overdene Drive to the West and playing fields of the Ifield Campus to the North. There will be car parking for over 90 cars & coaches. There will be provision for disabled facilities which will provide easy access for wheelchairs.